Lean Ergonomics in Healthcare

Looking for a way to increase throughput and save money without adding more staff?

Facilities already familiar with process improvement know how Lean management principles can bring about and sustain positive change in their facilities. Essential WorkWellness adds additional value by incorporating ergonomics and safety into your Lean events and projects. Whether Value Stream Mapping, 5S projects or Kaizen events, providing tools to work more safely and effectively further increases profits through increased productivity and reduced Worker’s Compensation costs.

For facilities new to Lean, blending ergonomics with Lean problem solving techniques provides methods for increasing productivity, including best practices, work safety and employee engagement.

Blending the principles of Lean healthcare and ergonomics provides a management strategy for process improvement whereby productivity is improved and exposure to risk for work-related injury is reduced.

Management of healthcare practices has become increasingly difficult in recent years. High rates of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSD) among healthcare professionals are costing employers billions of dollars yearly. Workforce shortages are affecting productivity, patient care and reimbursement revenue. Many facilities look for ways to increase productivity to improve the bottom line; however, increasing throughput in areas at risk for WRMSDs forces physicians and healthcare professionals to cope with more exposure to risk factors for injury.

What if you could:

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